Don't mean a thing for me. Scene # 1

Or at least, I wanted it to be forever. Our relationship seemed perfect and everyone agreed. We told each other how much we loved each other and that we wanted to stay together as long as possible. I meant it, and I was very suprised when one evening he said I wasn't worth it, and left. We had been arguing some and we had our problems, but I always thought our love meant more. I wonder if she just said that stuff because of my physical traits. This song just makes me think of how dumb I was to believe all of the things she told me, but who knows. Maybe I just wasn't worth it.

No debí haber encontrado esta carta, sera mejor que la devuelva a la botella. Pobre de él. No tanto, por lo menos estuvieron juntos. nada es para siempre, ni siquiera este mensaje.-

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